Sunday, August 30, 2009

its end tonight

today is my last night at home. my cute room with messy table... and most important,my last night sleeping with my love, LOOWY...

loowy jgn sedey tau (tau die tak sedey punyer) sbb akk pon taknak sedey... tolong la jgn sedey dyla,pls pls pls
kalo aku psyco cm vye n kawan die tuh (oooppss), mesti aku da letak loowy dlm beg, n sampai sane die da keras, so letak wee dlm botol buat hiasan kat bilik...haaa how bout that? tp i tak psyco la vye..

i ve packed my stuff. my check in bag weight less than 20 kilos, which is very very me. travel light, tp hampeh, sume barang pon tak bawak.

ok la adios sweeeeet malaysia.
i have a great summer holiday, cant never compare to any other holiday i have been through..

thanks to everybody that contribute to my super awesome all of u bitches soooo much.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

people that i admired

i do admire people that can live on their own happy ways- not to care what other people think about them..they are so stubborn in their own special way, they made me wonder how they did that.. and does being that way worth it?

how eh?

how does people live not knowing there's a close friend near to them? not knowing that she has someone to turn to. ok la maybe more than one good friend? one is never enough for me (yes i am greedy)

how a person can live on her own, no friend to share her darkest secret without doubt that it will be spread, or being judged?

how does a person gains her strength to stand alone, being different from majority, yet so happy and contented with their life?

how does a person go against everybody, ignore all the harsh words people keep whispering behind her? To stick to what she believed in, without even a glimpse of regret?

i really want to be that person. not because i am antisocial or have personality disorder. but as much as i believed in friendship, nowadays it seems unrealistic anymore. except for few people i fortunately get to know before. u know who u are, u guys are my besties. hm maybe because u guys are super awesome, its really tough to find anybody better.

but, is it worth it? is it really worth it?

p/s vye ko ade any nasihat tuk aku bout this tak? =)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


tonight i dont have anything much to do
but i have to wait~~

i need to wait my sister to come home.because her cat is sick,vomiting all over my room.

and i have to wait for my friend, anes in particular...her plane got stuck in kuching airport..

but maybe i shouldnt have to wait after all..goodnite

waiting is just not my things..

Thursday, August 6, 2009


mcm mane nak buat background blogspot ni cantik2 eh???

loowy my bad doggy

first of all, loowy is pronounced as lu-wi if read by malay's tongue... and he is a kitten,not a puppy..sorry about the speculation up there, i really like to speculate things lately...

since i love my kitty sooo much, and i can only spend less than a month with it until i went back to dublin, let me share a little about him before i forget all of it later =(

1. my loowy love to climb. he climb everything worth climbing. meja, tingkap, kerusi, almari, anything la yg tinggi2 tu. he used to climb tree before. the first time i saw loowy, he was with all his effort trying to climb a tree. mesti la tak berjaya kan...kecik sangat.. i think he will be a good friend with spiderman, so they can climb together...

2. my loowy is very good at taking advantages of other cats. speculasi disini...he is a good friend with my other cat, named busyuk. so, they played together every day, and one bullied the other every now and then. but whenever busyuk tried to be near me, like manje2 la, loowy will be all jealous can start biting busyuk until busyuk left me wondering what really happened just now. he is also a good friend with another cat that live behind my house which we called kontot because obviously kontot barely has a tail. they play together and my loowy always used kontot to bring him around.since kontot is more familiar with my house surrounding. but, when kontot starts to enter my house, loowy will be all mad and acted like he doesnt know kontot at all...hurm, jeles lagi ker?

3. whenever he wakes up, he will walk in his mamai face, slowly and will look at any familiar face, which is me =) and start meow meoww...until now, i still dont know what he wants when he meoww at me. so dulu2, i would start of putting him near his food or drink,, kalo bukan jugak, angkut lagi pg toilet, and let him take his time at his toilet sand...selalunyer die akan kencing sket and, kalo rajen, i will start to play with him... lately, i found one other things that he likes after he wakes up mamai2. which is, he likes to be hold like a baby, maksudnyer, dukung die sambil berjalan..kalo duduk, die tak suke...mengade kan?? ala mcm baby2 yg nak parents die dukung tgh2 malam, kalo tak die nanges tu..haa like that la,very annoying.. naseb bek comel.

4. i dont know where he prefers to sleep. sometimes he prefers on the desk, sometime on chair, or just on the floor, or on my bed, or on other people body...but most of the time, he likes to sleep near my hair. so, malam2 ade la loowy dekat bantal kepale me. i can hear him dozing and snoring, and most of the time, he will touch my face while he's sleeping. now dah immune, so tak heran la die nak buat ape, i still have a nice slumber sleep with it around my neck etc etc

5. loowy doesnt like to eat cat's food (friskies, iams, whiskas etcetc) he likes the kampung style food, like chicken, fish and milk. but sometimes he become so hungry that he still ate cat's food. in addition he will be so tamak...

enjoy his photos!