Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just a thought. (yes i have low self-esteem)

I think i attract hate me..

I don't really care what people think of me, but at one point, it does matter...

Monday, December 7, 2009


Pink u are just soo cool... and i like your personality...

and your voice...

watch This, u will be amazed. thats what i told a friend of mine that keep on saying i dont like her song.... and that person basically love her voice =) im good in influencing people *wink

Sunday, December 6, 2009

my one week off

yeah, one week of from class, but one week on~ at study desk... (- -")
initial days at home feel like hell, since i m not used to stay at home. usually my days were filled with so many activities either beneficial or not, who cares, at least i went through days without saying "eh boringnyer hari ni"

so i started to say i m bored about everywhere i can during these few days.
ym - boringnyer mane talian 1800-im-bored
skype- ???? tak ingatla dah tuka kot
facebook- oh too much of stupid stuff i put up there... so dont bother..'boring' will definitely be one of those...

after all studying is not too bad. i just hate the part where i have to memorize? errghh... every words? oh kenape la aku ade impian nak dpt more than 3.68 ? sometimes they are just there to kill you... (ok, just kill my few hours of sleep, its not that bad)

luckily i have all those people that i chat with, saying "woi g belaja la" ( yes ,vye ko lah tuh)... and also those that keep on talking with me, wasting my time ( well,thanks klo tak aku mati kebosanan)... and do not forget guitar i borrowed from ming, and taylor swift songs...i love u taylor (taylor swift, bukan other taylor)! together i add some stress, which is Diner Dash, sape kate game hilangkan stress? yeah for me, like put 100g salt in my blood, BP going up sebb asek kalah jer.... ironically, i never give up... =) alasan tuk teros main3

kan bagus kalo ade kucing...

oh and to stupid oxytocin, i hate u... u didnt make my day...pls stop making my uterine contract!