Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who says changes are good?

i have move out.yeah. tp ade 2 kotak smoothies tertinggal kat rumah lame, and dozens of cheese. yes, i will go back and take those thing. gile kedekut, but who cares.that are the best smoothies in the whole world. and there are TWO.

so here is my 90% "ready" room and house. agak berpuas hati sebb berjaya kemas zillion barang2 dlm mase 2 hari ; minus keluar jejalan beli baju tuk my sis, minum2, mkan2, lepak2, merempat tumpang mkan rumah orang which were awesome time. balik pengsan teros and got all body ache which was further contributed by my once in a month bloody week.

so this is my room. the bed is super single, its toooooo big for me. i only use 1/4 of the bed, percaye tak? kalo anes, mesti 1/10 je. sungguh membazir. even tingkap lagi kecik dari katil dan sangat rendah, kalo nak tgk lua kene duduk atas katil. we call our house the "dwarfie house". atau name len, rumah kerdil... rumah tu, not us.

the other half of the room
almari penuh gile coz its freaking small. so no more shopping selagi tak donate ape2 yg patut. fuh. and the weird thing is that, my wardrobe is so tall.
after all, i have fallen in love again, to my room: despite the distortion of sizes, well i m a roomy person. wtf.

this is our mini library. all, mine. NOT at all-

we got small kitchen, small compartments to put in our stuff, but trizillion rempah, pinggan, periuk of all sizes, mangkuk bla bla bla... this is too much for 3 people, we might be able to do some catering. kidding.

my housemates room. they got cute lil attic rooms. jelous*
what do u think this is? tangga lah. weird rite? 2 storeys

so who says changes are good? they are not. they are GREAT.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just woke up from the best bed in the world

do u know that antibiotics can make your skin as smooth as baby's skin?

i dont know.

JB's bestfriend told me that. she got eczema and fever (maksudnyer die ade infections most probably staph aureus). but i doubted it was eczema, tu maybe furuncle or kalo terok lagi, carbuncle. and she ate antibiotics, and wal lah.... skin change occur! lansung takle percaya kan? sape nak percaye JB's bestfriend, just like who will trust Beaver?

btw, kepada semua, jgn makan antibiotics kalo bkn infections. and also, kalo bkn bacterial infections. tau tak ade lagi byk jenis infections selain bacteria? contohnye virus infections dan lain2. this is important that u did not take unprescribed antibiotics and make sure finished once started. why? i dont want to explain, else u will get 2 lecture notes from me, so just think that the world will be a better place to live in. cause 1000000 people died directly in US due to resistance bacterial infections every year, and the primary cause are those in blue above. senang je nak contribute towards people's death, selain dari war kan?

moving house tomorrow, and realized that I GOT TOO MANY STUFF. those that i dont want but sayang nak buang, nak donate orang halang pulak. i got 2 bags full of bags not including another 2bags (paham tak? imagine la sendiri). i dont know how i got that much, bile beli eh? sape bagi eh?

i have my the-best-food-in-the-world list. some as below:
THE.... garlic pizza- 4 stars pizza
best cheese nan- Medina
best jalfrezy lamb- Medina
best coffee- Insomnia
best roasted chicken- Nandos
best fresh smoothies- Zumo's mango tango
best smoothies in box- Innocent pineapple+coconut
best BBQ Lamb ribs- Krunchy Fried Chicken, Manchester
best hot chocs- Butler's chocolate

i like my room, this one, the one that im gonna leave behind in few hours time. i used to like my room in UCD too. and yeah, the one back home. im a roomy person. who cares what that means.

mimpi kucing lagi semalam. SHIT.

so the best bed in the world- still mine.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

khas untuk anes si tulang kambing

so sape Justin Bieber yg sebenar?
(im just writing because of some skeleton goat was threatening me to update this thing)

vye is trying to recruit people for flash mob in KL, so nak promote lah ni... since i ll be the 2nd person in the group, so sape2 yg terel dance, tolong lah join, coz i suck. tolong cover my butt please.

so sape Justin Bieber? mesti die comel kan? and sape plak skeleton goat? anes, jawab sket..

m moving house again(for the 3rd time) this coming monday. hopefully for a better one. cehh rase berat hati plak.

mimpi kucing lagi semalam, m i freak? selalu pompuan mimpi baby, or kawen sbb kempunan nk sume tuh. but i keep on having dreams of having kitten. smalam mimpi Bengal kitten. haiz makin lame makin demanding lah mimpi nih, nak yg special breed aje.

oklah adios

JB, jgn lucah sangat though i know, mesti vye yg prompt kan that conversation