Friday, October 30, 2009

October the 30th

im officially 21 today!

For the caucasians, 21 years old means a lot to them. 21th year is the year that they can break free, do everything that they want, no restrictions anymore... for example they can enter strip club as they want and etc etc ( that's the only thing that i can think of for now). except if they do not have money, than there's no use to be over 21 years old right? so basically, they will celebrate their 21th birthday partying and get drunk and woke up tomorrow morning, feeling confuse about what happened on their birthday. hopefully they will wake up in one piece and now few pieces...

But for me, it doesnt mean much different for the past year, or 10 years ago. for me its about getting a year older. getting a year wiser, supposely. and with that comes responsibility, which getting bigger and bigger as the candle on tha cake increase in number.or size. walaupon tiada cake dan lilin utk tahun imagine je la.

enough about that, now i would like to thank all the people that has contributed to this awesome birthday~~ i dont like the idea of the way the westerns celebrate their birthday, or anything, because i want to remember, every bit of what happens while celebrating it.

1. my mum called me at 11.58pm 29th oct, which means 2 min before my birthday. she never know how to calculate the time different between ireland and malaysia. but she made it yesterday! i was so shocked, i dont expect that =) thanks mum

2. dozens of wishes from people, friends, and even those that i dont know.. may i say hundreds? credits to facebook, i dont know how many birthday has facebook made to become more meaningful.

3. videos from mus. lime orang menari-nari sgt2 comel. without them, i m nothing in KMB. bole kate cm sayur la.kawan pon takde, ape pon takde...

watch it here
sy baru sedar kene byr tuk download vid ni... and smpai skung pon takle2 nak download walaupon tak byr.cis

ok...dah bole download..hehe.enjoy!!!

4. video from a very good friend of mine, syafiqah nadia aka vye (sometimes i forget what her real name is sbb asek panggil die vye) . due to circumstances, or not to create havoc, i wont share it here. whatever it is, that vid is awesome! love every seconds of it. thank you soooo dem much bitch.

5. annes's blog and dino's tooand mus's toooooo... kesian korang kene cemarkan blog korang ngn name aku..haha.. u guys are sooo sweet. anes's blog remind me of our old little sweet friendship back in MRSM. we are so cute back then~ wink* . there's nothing more i can ask from u, that's the best thing that u can gave, no other thing can defeat. kecuali kalo ko bagi aku kucing scottish fold, aku tak kesah ko tak tulis blog pasl aku. tak kesah, serious! and dino n mus, jom gi makan char kuew tiaw terbaik didunia tu lagi! walaupon sebelah kubur...


6. celebrating with ridhwan. since our bithday is just next to each other, we decided that the birthday person can choose what to eat and where to. and i decided to make him cook for me. =) i think that was the bestest idea i have today. lupe nak amek gamba makann tadi.alaaaa.... he cooked ayam madu which he said was something special that he can cook and some ikan i dont know the name. hehe. no candlelight sbb takut rumah terbakar, lagipon penat thomas eddison create bulb smapai ke 999 kali baru berjaye (eh ye ke?). thanks dear, love it and love u

alahai, innocence nyer...haha

7. vye, thanks...
at our fav place?

8. my present to be, mac book! my mum said i can buy one when i m back to malaysia next year. coz its cheaper in malaysia. yeay!

9. ugg boots putih yg comel from ridhwan. i have longed for it for a year, and i got it for my birthday. what else can i asked for?

10. msg from abah. he typed properly for my birthday wish. he used to mis-splelled things or should i said mistyped? but he gave one sweet wish, and end it with saying that he love me. (this is a rare occacions, really really rare. he is not a type of person who express his feeling. yet he did it) and i love you too. thats what i reply. i think i grow a little more just by being able to say that to him.

11. wishes from my brother and sister. my sis sang happy birthday song for me...and i smiled all the way she sang...because i was imagining her, she's always make people smile with her innocence.

in usrah session today, they asked me what i really wants for my birthday. i told them, i already got everything that i want...while smilling =). betol ape? i got everything that i want, form all the people that i love. thank you so much people.

the only thing that i didnt get is this.... this will be my next year's, i hope =)


yg tido pon ok...

kalo dpt 3 ekor teros pon sy tak kesah~

p/s kucing2 ni buat sy rase sakit jantung sbb dorang comel sangat!

and in few minutes, me and ridhwan is officially 3 years old =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

new look

blog ini dah tuka rupe...dah mkin gedik da rupe die..thanks to anes sbb mendorong kejadian in =)

Friday, October 16, 2009

green giant

so i finished my neuro test

im happy that its finish...with few question unanswered, and few answered by guessing, i think im going to be fine...hopefully dpt more than half, ok la tuh..bole belagak ngn vye =)

suddenly its friday, laju gile. rase cm baru harituh terkejut sebb baru ingat yg i got chinese exam the day tomorrow (which hari ahad baru sedar isnin ade exam hurm).. but better, since i can have a liltle break now before other things start to come up and take up my sleeping time.

med day was ok. i woke up at 7.10, with my evil and lazy-butt-self persuading me to sleep and just ditch the med collection day, and the other small me which forced me to wake up or else buat malu je sebb da tulis blog pasl nak g med day. berkesan jugk, coz i woke up in that cold morning, kutip duit by harassing car drivers to give me their change, well, whatever that they have...its an experience though, tgk orang mcm2 perangai, when they acted like they are occupied usually with their freaking cheap hand phone (weh, phone aku lagi mhl tau --slap diri sendiri) and also those that are very nice, they give me like i dont know how much, but my bucket become weight up and i become more and more courageous to collect money. there's and old guy said to me " i pay it all off for my cancer" when i asked if he wants to spare some change for irish cancer society..well, that sucks right?

i love my new broadband, bu O2, laju giler for me =)

jagung green giant mengingtkan times spend kat haunted room efa smbil buat video bff and makan jagung and kentut2 (not me eh, them =))
oh ni je ke aku nak tulis pasal green giant? (monolog)
but this is a better version. sebb jagung ni da tmbah planta and panas n tambah sosej lagi sedap la..nak recipe? laaa takkan la ni pon tak reti buat kot ish ish ish.

last but not least, this is my new boots, vye nak tgk so upload la kat sini..klo letak kat fb cm public sangat plak, so amcm vye? anes? ehe

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


tomorrow i have to wake up at 6.30am... but if i minus shower, make up, dilemma in choosing outfit, i can wake up at that by 7.20 i ll be ready in front of centra on ranelagh road (which is where my house is located, about 5-7 mins walk from my doorstep to the front door of centra)(btw, centra is a mart, with expensive groceries), picking up my free t shirt and empty bucket to start the MED day!
med day ialah hari gila like 'med mad'. ok actually i also dont know what is med day. its a day for the medicine class (from pre-med to final med) to have like a day of tradition. this med day is a yearly activity. so, first thing in the morning is to have bucket collection which i will do tommorow..kutip duit orang2 tepi jalan depan centra and put them into the bucket, which later will be use to some irish culture (sesuke hati aku je).. the truth is, i dont know why are we collecting the money. what should i say when i ask people to drop their coins into my bucket? dem, nnt kosong bucket, malu gile. and they are going to have guys berarak in girls outfit with makeup and will do pompom at the city. later, we will head to student bar, for those who drink alcohol they will...for those who dont, we eat..if there is anything that we can eat. cth2 nyer sila pk sendiri. last year, ade night out afterward. but i dont thing they have it this year.

minggu depan test neuro. tgk contoh soalan je teros rase cm nak terberak. dasyat.
and chinese test too...

my housemates are busy skyping with their guy friend. or boyfriend. tetibe jeles plak.

my broadband sucks. slow gile and super sucks. when your broadband sucks, your life sucks too... exaggeration is vye, not me =)

i put my lappy yg rosak inside a drawer, so that i wont have a glimpse of it. sakit hati setiap kali tgk die, coz it cause headache when i need it the most (like mlm raye when i need to skype with my parents, time baru beli broadband, and bile broadband ni da bole pakai) everytime asek nak rosak. i hate it. this is the first time i said i hate my laptop. u r sick lappy, really SICK.

my housemates are leaving for cardiff until monday morning. i ll have to stay at home alone. to all thief out there, pls do not come to my house.

i really love hot chocolate at Butler Chocolate. seriously..if u ever lay your feet on ireland (ireland ni tak best pon, baik gi uk lagi bes) pls buy this hot choc. very very very recommended. sedap nak mati, i m addicted to it. the thought of it is enough for me to tuck out 3.20 euro from my half empty pocket for a cup of hot choc. kali ni tak exaggerate.

these are my updates...

Sunday, October 4, 2009


what if i say that i m not fine?

well who cares...