Sunday, July 17, 2011

beijing, a place of wonder part 1

7 days in Beijing really open my eyes up, about everything people say about china. some strengthen the opinions spoken, some definitely cant be accepted.
our journey to the historical places such as The Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City are priceless. though we can only spend few hours there, there is nothing greater than seeing with our own eyes after being brought up watching them in tele. Forbidden city- the place of fun for the emperor, or in other words the place for emperor enslaving women for his own selfishness and lust. pretty women who are taken/chosen are placed in the same compound, i imagined, with all the cat fight for a little attention from the emperor. not forgetting all the guys who work there, wont be able to have their magic pistol in their pants, living life with testosterone secreted hence existed desire, but are unable to express it. If we look from the function it used to be years and years before, then, it will be just an ugly place being built from an evil base. however time shows that it cant be forever, and the place is nothing but a Wonder with stories to be told.
The Great Wall of China, one of the wonder of the world, again was build from the basic of slavery, murder, and inhumanity turn out to be one of the greatest story in the world. a man who unify China- Shih Huang Ti- with his dangerous ideas has created the wall that separate china and Mongolia- turn out to be a man who has psychological illness. if u stand on the wall, looking how it stand proudly on the mountains, you wont be able not to think, on how man thousand years before us are gathered and used their hands to create the Great wall. the wall also known as the longest graveyard as countless dead human were thrown in the middle of the wall and buried there, forever.

to be continued