Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just a thought. (yes i have low self-esteem)

I think i attract hate me..

I don't really care what people think of me, but at one point, it does matter...

Monday, December 7, 2009


Pink u are just soo cool... and i like your personality...

and your voice...

watch This, u will be amazed. thats what i told a friend of mine that keep on saying i dont like her song.... and that person basically love her voice =) im good in influencing people *wink

Sunday, December 6, 2009

my one week off

yeah, one week of from class, but one week on~ at study desk... (- -")
initial days at home feel like hell, since i m not used to stay at home. usually my days were filled with so many activities either beneficial or not, who cares, at least i went through days without saying "eh boringnyer hari ni"

so i started to say i m bored about everywhere i can during these few days.
ym - boringnyer mane talian 1800-im-bored
skype- ???? tak ingatla dah tuka kot
facebook- oh too much of stupid stuff i put up there... so dont bother..'boring' will definitely be one of those...

after all studying is not too bad. i just hate the part where i have to memorize? errghh... every words? oh kenape la aku ade impian nak dpt more than 3.68 ? sometimes they are just there to kill you... (ok, just kill my few hours of sleep, its not that bad)

luckily i have all those people that i chat with, saying "woi g belaja la" ( yes ,vye ko lah tuh)... and also those that keep on talking with me, wasting my time ( well,thanks klo tak aku mati kebosanan)... and do not forget guitar i borrowed from ming, and taylor swift songs...i love u taylor (taylor swift, bukan other taylor)! together i add some stress, which is Diner Dash, sape kate game hilangkan stress? yeah for me, like put 100g salt in my blood, BP going up sebb asek kalah jer.... ironically, i never give up... =) alasan tuk teros main3

kan bagus kalo ade kucing...

oh and to stupid oxytocin, i hate u... u didnt make my day...pls stop making my uterine contract!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

oh rindu...

rindu la malaysia...
miss the fact that i can wear selipar jepun and not to tie my hair all the time...

p/s tau tak, in malaysia u can buy cake at 3 in the morning... cool kan? tau tak kat mane? MAMPLEY la mane lagi.. mapley skung da pandai buat kek, kek aiscream lagi... i hope u wont find extra hair in it =) no offence.. sy suke kedai mamak!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

October the 30th

im officially 21 today!

For the caucasians, 21 years old means a lot to them. 21th year is the year that they can break free, do everything that they want, no restrictions anymore... for example they can enter strip club as they want and etc etc ( that's the only thing that i can think of for now). except if they do not have money, than there's no use to be over 21 years old right? so basically, they will celebrate their 21th birthday partying and get drunk and woke up tomorrow morning, feeling confuse about what happened on their birthday. hopefully they will wake up in one piece and now few pieces...

But for me, it doesnt mean much different for the past year, or 10 years ago. for me its about getting a year older. getting a year wiser, supposely. and with that comes responsibility, which getting bigger and bigger as the candle on tha cake increase in number.or size. walaupon tiada cake dan lilin utk tahun imagine je la.

enough about that, now i would like to thank all the people that has contributed to this awesome birthday~~ i dont like the idea of the way the westerns celebrate their birthday, or anything, because i want to remember, every bit of what happens while celebrating it.

1. my mum called me at 11.58pm 29th oct, which means 2 min before my birthday. she never know how to calculate the time different between ireland and malaysia. but she made it yesterday! i was so shocked, i dont expect that =) thanks mum

2. dozens of wishes from people, friends, and even those that i dont know.. may i say hundreds? credits to facebook, i dont know how many birthday has facebook made to become more meaningful.

3. videos from mus. lime orang menari-nari sgt2 comel. without them, i m nothing in KMB. bole kate cm sayur la.kawan pon takde, ape pon takde...

watch it here
sy baru sedar kene byr tuk download vid ni... and smpai skung pon takle2 nak download walaupon tak byr.cis

ok...dah bole download..hehe.enjoy!!!

4. video from a very good friend of mine, syafiqah nadia aka vye (sometimes i forget what her real name is sbb asek panggil die vye) . due to circumstances, or not to create havoc, i wont share it here. whatever it is, that vid is awesome! love every seconds of it. thank you soooo dem much bitch.

5. annes's blog and dino's tooand mus's toooooo... kesian korang kene cemarkan blog korang ngn name aku..haha.. u guys are sooo sweet. anes's blog remind me of our old little sweet friendship back in MRSM. we are so cute back then~ wink* . there's nothing more i can ask from u, that's the best thing that u can gave, no other thing can defeat. kecuali kalo ko bagi aku kucing scottish fold, aku tak kesah ko tak tulis blog pasl aku. tak kesah, serious! and dino n mus, jom gi makan char kuew tiaw terbaik didunia tu lagi! walaupon sebelah kubur...


6. celebrating with ridhwan. since our bithday is just next to each other, we decided that the birthday person can choose what to eat and where to. and i decided to make him cook for me. =) i think that was the bestest idea i have today. lupe nak amek gamba makann tadi.alaaaa.... he cooked ayam madu which he said was something special that he can cook and some ikan i dont know the name. hehe. no candlelight sbb takut rumah terbakar, lagipon penat thomas eddison create bulb smapai ke 999 kali baru berjaye (eh ye ke?). thanks dear, love it and love u

alahai, innocence nyer...haha

7. vye, thanks...
at our fav place?

8. my present to be, mac book! my mum said i can buy one when i m back to malaysia next year. coz its cheaper in malaysia. yeay!

9. ugg boots putih yg comel from ridhwan. i have longed for it for a year, and i got it for my birthday. what else can i asked for?

10. msg from abah. he typed properly for my birthday wish. he used to mis-splelled things or should i said mistyped? but he gave one sweet wish, and end it with saying that he love me. (this is a rare occacions, really really rare. he is not a type of person who express his feeling. yet he did it) and i love you too. thats what i reply. i think i grow a little more just by being able to say that to him.

11. wishes from my brother and sister. my sis sang happy birthday song for me...and i smiled all the way she sang...because i was imagining her, she's always make people smile with her innocence.

in usrah session today, they asked me what i really wants for my birthday. i told them, i already got everything that i want...while smilling =). betol ape? i got everything that i want, form all the people that i love. thank you so much people.

the only thing that i didnt get is this.... this will be my next year's, i hope =)


yg tido pon ok...

kalo dpt 3 ekor teros pon sy tak kesah~

p/s kucing2 ni buat sy rase sakit jantung sbb dorang comel sangat!

and in few minutes, me and ridhwan is officially 3 years old =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

new look

blog ini dah tuka rupe...dah mkin gedik da rupe die..thanks to anes sbb mendorong kejadian in =)

Friday, October 16, 2009

green giant

so i finished my neuro test

im happy that its finish...with few question unanswered, and few answered by guessing, i think im going to be fine...hopefully dpt more than half, ok la tuh..bole belagak ngn vye =)

suddenly its friday, laju gile. rase cm baru harituh terkejut sebb baru ingat yg i got chinese exam the day tomorrow (which hari ahad baru sedar isnin ade exam hurm).. but better, since i can have a liltle break now before other things start to come up and take up my sleeping time.

med day was ok. i woke up at 7.10, with my evil and lazy-butt-self persuading me to sleep and just ditch the med collection day, and the other small me which forced me to wake up or else buat malu je sebb da tulis blog pasl nak g med day. berkesan jugk, coz i woke up in that cold morning, kutip duit by harassing car drivers to give me their change, well, whatever that they have...its an experience though, tgk orang mcm2 perangai, when they acted like they are occupied usually with their freaking cheap hand phone (weh, phone aku lagi mhl tau --slap diri sendiri) and also those that are very nice, they give me like i dont know how much, but my bucket become weight up and i become more and more courageous to collect money. there's and old guy said to me " i pay it all off for my cancer" when i asked if he wants to spare some change for irish cancer society..well, that sucks right?

i love my new broadband, bu O2, laju giler for me =)

jagung green giant mengingtkan times spend kat haunted room efa smbil buat video bff and makan jagung and kentut2 (not me eh, them =))
oh ni je ke aku nak tulis pasal green giant? (monolog)
but this is a better version. sebb jagung ni da tmbah planta and panas n tambah sosej lagi sedap la..nak recipe? laaa takkan la ni pon tak reti buat kot ish ish ish.

last but not least, this is my new boots, vye nak tgk so upload la kat sini..klo letak kat fb cm public sangat plak, so amcm vye? anes? ehe

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


tomorrow i have to wake up at 6.30am... but if i minus shower, make up, dilemma in choosing outfit, i can wake up at that by 7.20 i ll be ready in front of centra on ranelagh road (which is where my house is located, about 5-7 mins walk from my doorstep to the front door of centra)(btw, centra is a mart, with expensive groceries), picking up my free t shirt and empty bucket to start the MED day!
med day ialah hari gila like 'med mad'. ok actually i also dont know what is med day. its a day for the medicine class (from pre-med to final med) to have like a day of tradition. this med day is a yearly activity. so, first thing in the morning is to have bucket collection which i will do tommorow..kutip duit orang2 tepi jalan depan centra and put them into the bucket, which later will be use to some irish culture (sesuke hati aku je).. the truth is, i dont know why are we collecting the money. what should i say when i ask people to drop their coins into my bucket? dem, nnt kosong bucket, malu gile. and they are going to have guys berarak in girls outfit with makeup and will do pompom at the city. later, we will head to student bar, for those who drink alcohol they will...for those who dont, we eat..if there is anything that we can eat. cth2 nyer sila pk sendiri. last year, ade night out afterward. but i dont thing they have it this year.

minggu depan test neuro. tgk contoh soalan je teros rase cm nak terberak. dasyat.
and chinese test too...

my housemates are busy skyping with their guy friend. or boyfriend. tetibe jeles plak.

my broadband sucks. slow gile and super sucks. when your broadband sucks, your life sucks too... exaggeration is vye, not me =)

i put my lappy yg rosak inside a drawer, so that i wont have a glimpse of it. sakit hati setiap kali tgk die, coz it cause headache when i need it the most (like mlm raye when i need to skype with my parents, time baru beli broadband, and bile broadband ni da bole pakai) everytime asek nak rosak. i hate it. this is the first time i said i hate my laptop. u r sick lappy, really SICK.

my housemates are leaving for cardiff until monday morning. i ll have to stay at home alone. to all thief out there, pls do not come to my house.

i really love hot chocolate at Butler Chocolate. seriously..if u ever lay your feet on ireland (ireland ni tak best pon, baik gi uk lagi bes) pls buy this hot choc. very very very recommended. sedap nak mati, i m addicted to it. the thought of it is enough for me to tuck out 3.20 euro from my half empty pocket for a cup of hot choc. kali ni tak exaggerate.

these are my updates...

Sunday, October 4, 2009


what if i say that i m not fine?

well who cares...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


im adapting my life here...again... and i will be fine

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

so far so good

im in dubai now.

in good shape and accompanied by a small pillow i took from my flight just now. perlu ke aku tunjuk gamba bantal comel tuh? ye perlu...mumy mesti nak tgk..hehe. i might need to throw this pillow away if i cant find place to fit it in my alreadyfullhouse bags.

thank you to efa,vye n my sis lia, for making me cried at the airport. paling sedey bile surprise efa tak jadi..huahuahua...just a glimpse of the thing that they want to give me make me cry a river ceeeyyhhh...buat malu jer..efa, len kali kalo kite stakat nak 3g jer,tak yah kot ko gi tempat yg ade aku...dari bilik jaksa pon bole.. actually efa came to the airport without telling me. n we didnt meet up because i already left the waiting area. so, to prove that she is not lying when she said she is at the airport(sape nak percaye si penipu tuh?) , we decide to use 3g technology. tau tak 3g tu ape? kalo tak tau sile la keluar dari tempurung anda.
nak tau ke what happened next? teka la sendiri,malas nak cerite.

i slept all the way from kl to dubai, minus one movie i watched while half closing my eyes. i also decided to sleep with taylor swift songs moving in my head. rindu kat vye la kate kan..tak le blah.

i miss my family and my friends already. not forgetting my little naughty baby who likes flower and eats chocolate.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

its end tonight

today is my last night at home. my cute room with messy table... and most important,my last night sleeping with my love, LOOWY...

loowy jgn sedey tau (tau die tak sedey punyer) sbb akk pon taknak sedey... tolong la jgn sedey dyla,pls pls pls
kalo aku psyco cm vye n kawan die tuh (oooppss), mesti aku da letak loowy dlm beg, n sampai sane die da keras, so letak wee dlm botol buat hiasan kat bilik...haaa how bout that? tp i tak psyco la vye..

i ve packed my stuff. my check in bag weight less than 20 kilos, which is very very me. travel light, tp hampeh, sume barang pon tak bawak.

ok la adios sweeeeet malaysia.
i have a great summer holiday, cant never compare to any other holiday i have been through..

thanks to everybody that contribute to my super awesome all of u bitches soooo much.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

people that i admired

i do admire people that can live on their own happy ways- not to care what other people think about them..they are so stubborn in their own special way, they made me wonder how they did that.. and does being that way worth it?

how eh?

how does people live not knowing there's a close friend near to them? not knowing that she has someone to turn to. ok la maybe more than one good friend? one is never enough for me (yes i am greedy)

how a person can live on her own, no friend to share her darkest secret without doubt that it will be spread, or being judged?

how does a person gains her strength to stand alone, being different from majority, yet so happy and contented with their life?

how does a person go against everybody, ignore all the harsh words people keep whispering behind her? To stick to what she believed in, without even a glimpse of regret?

i really want to be that person. not because i am antisocial or have personality disorder. but as much as i believed in friendship, nowadays it seems unrealistic anymore. except for few people i fortunately get to know before. u know who u are, u guys are my besties. hm maybe because u guys are super awesome, its really tough to find anybody better.

but, is it worth it? is it really worth it?

p/s vye ko ade any nasihat tuk aku bout this tak? =)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


tonight i dont have anything much to do
but i have to wait~~

i need to wait my sister to come home.because her cat is sick,vomiting all over my room.

and i have to wait for my friend, anes in particular...her plane got stuck in kuching airport..

but maybe i shouldnt have to wait after all..goodnite

waiting is just not my things..

Thursday, August 6, 2009


mcm mane nak buat background blogspot ni cantik2 eh???

loowy my bad doggy

first of all, loowy is pronounced as lu-wi if read by malay's tongue... and he is a kitten,not a puppy..sorry about the speculation up there, i really like to speculate things lately...

since i love my kitty sooo much, and i can only spend less than a month with it until i went back to dublin, let me share a little about him before i forget all of it later =(

1. my loowy love to climb. he climb everything worth climbing. meja, tingkap, kerusi, almari, anything la yg tinggi2 tu. he used to climb tree before. the first time i saw loowy, he was with all his effort trying to climb a tree. mesti la tak berjaya kan...kecik sangat.. i think he will be a good friend with spiderman, so they can climb together...

2. my loowy is very good at taking advantages of other cats. speculasi disini...he is a good friend with my other cat, named busyuk. so, they played together every day, and one bullied the other every now and then. but whenever busyuk tried to be near me, like manje2 la, loowy will be all jealous can start biting busyuk until busyuk left me wondering what really happened just now. he is also a good friend with another cat that live behind my house which we called kontot because obviously kontot barely has a tail. they play together and my loowy always used kontot to bring him around.since kontot is more familiar with my house surrounding. but, when kontot starts to enter my house, loowy will be all mad and acted like he doesnt know kontot at all...hurm, jeles lagi ker?

3. whenever he wakes up, he will walk in his mamai face, slowly and will look at any familiar face, which is me =) and start meow meoww...until now, i still dont know what he wants when he meoww at me. so dulu2, i would start of putting him near his food or drink,, kalo bukan jugak, angkut lagi pg toilet, and let him take his time at his toilet sand...selalunyer die akan kencing sket and, kalo rajen, i will start to play with him... lately, i found one other things that he likes after he wakes up mamai2. which is, he likes to be hold like a baby, maksudnyer, dukung die sambil berjalan..kalo duduk, die tak suke...mengade kan?? ala mcm baby2 yg nak parents die dukung tgh2 malam, kalo tak die nanges tu..haa like that la,very annoying.. naseb bek comel.

4. i dont know where he prefers to sleep. sometimes he prefers on the desk, sometime on chair, or just on the floor, or on my bed, or on other people body...but most of the time, he likes to sleep near my hair. so, malam2 ade la loowy dekat bantal kepale me. i can hear him dozing and snoring, and most of the time, he will touch my face while he's sleeping. now dah immune, so tak heran la die nak buat ape, i still have a nice slumber sleep with it around my neck etc etc

5. loowy doesnt like to eat cat's food (friskies, iams, whiskas etcetc) he likes the kampung style food, like chicken, fish and milk. but sometimes he become so hungry that he still ate cat's food. in addition he will be so tamak...

enjoy his photos!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

about little me...

this is me n my late time birthday aunt died from cancer..i think she favored me when i was young, because i look more chinese than my siblings..of course she love my brother more, because he is apparently a boy.u know, chinese people..hehe. disebbkan aunty suke saya, sbb saye cute sangat, sy ingat lagi satu hari tu, die senyap2 bagi saya, orang laen tak dapat tau! i never forget that lah...time tu, rm 10 tu byk kot~~~

ini pulak time chinese new year. me,mum,n sis sume pakai skirt.kale pink.socks pon pink,ade renda2 to match my dress.socks tu mesti aunty kecik(adik my mum) yg bagi...she had and still has shoes shop, so saye selalu dapat kasut la, stokin la,sliper la...sampai sekarang. my mum pretty kan? n she is sexy! i love ~ what do u think about my haircut??? nak potong cmtu la kan? my sis kurus je kan?sebb die ske makan vitamin C...time kecik2 dulu, die bawak bekal gi sekola, isi vitamin c, ala yg capsule tuh. jap,makan vit C ley kurus ke?
pic ni pulak, ade my brother...nampak tak ape die pegang tu? itu la hadiah... he got it because he has a brilliant brain. sy tak ingat sangat la die no berape, no 1 kot(sesuke je).tu baju kurung beli kat pasar malam,murah je rm15,mummy tawar2 dapat la rm25 2 helai.. tgk la baju tu, pendek kot,atas lutut. but i really like baju kurung like that now, wow dari kecik da develop minat tu rupenyer!! selepas mengcrop that pic, i succeed to cut out my sliper part. itu selipar jamban, eh seliper jepun. yg kaler putih biru tu.tgk abg saye, rambut die skema je.belah tepi,leper jer...sooo cute =) btw, my sis is higher than my bro,until now.baju kitorang tu same,spesen sebijik sejebon.mcm dress pegi chinese new year tu mum kurus kan??? kurus giler...slim n ber cream.

im glad zaman dah maju.bole digitalised kan gamba2 ni...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

pengumuman, ehem ehem

siape yg tak tau phone aku ilang, meh sini nak bagi tau


missing location - oldtown white coffee (my fav place) in Pavilion~~~~ sila boikot yer

how it went missing - i stupidly left that place, not noticing that i didnt go with my phone... i m surely sure that the oldtown mat rempit malay ugly guy took my phone. maafyer mamat oldtown. your manager pon SUCKS!!! hish i dont wanna say this, but please la malay, u should be ashame of yourself... since a guard help us chasing them on second scene (where we surely sure that they took my phone) and he is an indian, again, shame on u malay guy!

the consequences
  • i lost most of my friend's phone number-- oleh sebab itu, saya menyeru anda semua supaya memberi nombor talipon(omg, cmni ke eja ha) anda kepada saya
  • my super precious pictures we took at that heck kopitiam.
  • my phone yg bole rotate2 camera and never broken, never betrayed me, and never mad at me when i abandoned it...
please pray for my nokia 6200 (ye ke?) may it rest in peace with MJ

p/s i m getting a new E71!!!! yay

Saturday, July 4, 2009


sometimes when u met people u haven't met for a long long time, u will realize how much u have changed, and how less they grow up... in other words, u see what u were before...and decides, u don't favor to be the way u used to be..


sometimes, u just felt thankful that people do not change, and the relationship remains the same... like i have with my lovely friends~~~~~

what do u think??

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ramdom no 2

kawan2, jom hang out...saya bosan...

sape mau???

bangkok part 2

at the airport
we nearly missed the plane. because i was on the phone, and my sis n mum just didnt realize the gate already opened (hey the plane delayed ok!). so we have to half ran towards the plane, arrived at our seat(luckily) barely catching our breath.ok, us tgh tunggu gate bukak...or maybe dah bukak dah pon time ni =) and i just realised that those guys at the back menyibuk buat peace kat dlm gamba kitorang.ceh...btw, itu my mum n my sissssss....

we took taxi from airport to our hotel. the hotel is located at the middle of bangkok main town(bangkok ni main city kan?) , on sukhumvit road (very reccommended). though the hotel is just 4 star, but it was quite an experience. the price werent so bad, quite cheap, about rm600 for 3 nights, for the 3 of us. hotel kire kepale la ni. after all, i got my own sweet bed, and the room was huge. breakfast wasnt dissappointing, byk gile makann, its just me takde selera sebb makan pukul 5.30am. haaa awal kan?
ini die hotel itu. nampak buruk kan?? that was my first impression. hahaha.. but dont judge a book by its cover~~~ (since the inside of the hotel images are still stuck in my sony camera, then i cant share the beautiful part of this hotel =p)

our first thailand's meal
restaurant ini name die saya sudah lupe...but what i can say is that the food, make our day. we are damn hungry that we skipped rest time and bulged into the restaurant near to our lovely hotel. sila la bg mata korang makan eh
sedap tau ikan ni.. btw, the sayo kat atas tu rangup. haaa i wonder how dorang ley jadi rangup.
tomyam kung....nyummmyyyy...after 3 days there, we concluded that the taste of tomyam kung maintained as the best. not once that we succeed to find anything less than mouth watering tomyam.
ok, kami tgh makan.jgn jeles.... aaaa i m hungry again..

later that day(1st day)
we went to chatuchak market. it is the largest market in bangkok, unfortunately only open on weekend. bargaining is the basic skill that you need to have. u know, make the cute faces, ask for lower price. i only realised i have that skill there, oh well...very recommended for those who want to buy ole2 for their friends/family. they sell food too, but i dont think it is appropriate to eat there since they love pork/babi/ba alif ba ya soooo much.
lebey kurang camni la rupe market tuh..besa giler......but we cant stay long there since i need to find toilet, and panadol, and some woman stuff. sigh~

we went to MBK mall, but i dont remember what we did there...
btw, we travelled from one place to other by sky train which is equivalence to our KTM, except that the technology is lower, but faster, how eh? taxi is quite easy too. they use meter, so, they arent lying about the price. do not use tut tut, pls. its just a waste of time and money.
oh yes, that night we we ate at Shabu2. its a buffet type, they have steamboot(cm kat johnny's tu) and sushi. cost only about rm30 per person.
the sky train...
ini kedai dentist. eh kedai ke eh... comel kan??
itu MBK dibelakang kami...
we were waiting for our queue for the buffet. macm bangla dok2 tepi kedai.haha. my mum was so tired melayan kami..coz me n my sis insisted to eat there.. =)

end of part 2~

Monday, June 29, 2009


i m hungry... n waiting for ridhwan's call..

i m hyper tonite, ade pill Barbiturate tak??


cmne nak ilangkan hyper ni eh??? huuuuu

Friday, June 26, 2009

bangkok part 1

finally i think i want to share about Bangkok, the food paradise...

but i wont because i still havent upload the pictures we took, well me n my sis camwhoring etc etc..
fyi, my laptop refuse to boot, so here i m using ridhwan's laptop...alone n alone at home..

i will update about Bangkok as soon as i manage to persuade my beloved lappy to be nice to me. or else, i will just get a new mac book. haa how about that lappy???

p/s i ll be stronger...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

something worth remembering..

kalo tense, kemas la bilik korang. tak kesah la bilik ape, bilik air ke, bilik store ker...ape2 la...bilik kucing korang pon ok...

today, i clean up my room. not realy clean it up, i just rearrange everything, and throw out all the things that i think 'menyemak' n only cause more depression to me. cukupla kot pencemaran bunyi...
ok this is how it looks like during the process

ini juga....but, this is already after i move the study table somewhere else...glad~
and ini, abusuk , he accompany me during the process by playing all the things on the floor...

the cleaning part is not so interesting. i just want the end result which is me able to close my door. (my study table position do not allow the door to be close, because apparently the size is too big to fit next to the door). so the main thing is to move the table away from it's original location. DONE.

the interesting part of this is that i found all the things that are truly meaningful in the drawer etc... this is what i want to share...

1. first thing, i found love letter which is given by ridhwan..hehe..but the details tak le bagitau la...i nearly forget that i have them

2. this...
and this..
so ape yg menarik sangat eh?
the kotak yg ade tulis 'dyla katak' tu was given by a good friend of mine...of which i m gonna meet her today(vye jgn jeles, kitorang nak lepak harini)
and in the box, i foung the orange colour book....
wanna see inside???
anis izati, ye , awak... ko la yg tulis tu..ingat tak?????
one of the things yg ko conteng is....
"factor2 MU"(malayan union)...which ko list kan lagi...haiz.takde keje eh?
selain itu "girl power ranger" hurmmmmm
"keje aku besa nanti...--> model ubat gigi"
hahahahahhah tak le blah tol...
and u did lukis orang lidi, which u said it was me...sambil melontar batu ke dalam tong sampah which was written next to it "dyla tgh lontar jamrah"

sape spm victim tu eh?? ok ni, hazera tulis...zera la beb..
chana... hurm chana melukis a summarize of what we have done together...termasuk la time i got caught by ustazah sebb sembahyang dlm bilik...and chana yg kene jawab..hahahahha..imagine, she was a badan wakil pelaja, that allows me to solat in
this one was written by chacha. hurm the best part of hers is the one that she draw me dragging her... and she said that "mcm mane la tgn orang lidi tarik orang belon dari paya, u are my HERO! of the WONDERS in TRANX" hehe
hurm, ni faiz lukis...sila maklum, itu gamba itik...written " haa..ingat tak, dlu aku wat itik ngn plastisin pastu bagi kat ko. ada lagi tak? ke ko dah buang..kalo ko buang 'cukup kurang hajar!'... penat aku buat sampai tgn berminyak!!taik kuda betol."

ok, faiz ngh emo kat situ..hehe...hurm, mane itik plastisin tu eh...aiyo..

ok la,sebb kan i m to lazy to write more...cukup la...
hurm, i wonder why there's nothing from vye...weh vye, ko tak tulis dlm buku oren ni eh??? mane ko ha? pemalas tol

things i hate today

i hate the loud sounds that knock on my wall early in the morning... i hate them, they wake me up, or at least they present in my dreams. i dont like the fact that there are strangers outside my house. just outside my house that i feel trapped inside. i hope my living room has blinds, that wont allow me to see them, and them to see me( i dont know if they are looking...). i dont like it when i cant wear what i want, or not to wear what i dont want to be exact.

p/s my house is in renovating period. i dont have phone number. no car/motocycle/bike that can take me anywhere. i cant connect to the world outside except using internet. so if anything happens to me, no one will know. glad~ huh

Monday, May 25, 2009

think about this for a while. a while only!

people always said that they want to be themselves (included me)
but hell, so do u even know yourselves? like which one is you??? yela when yesterday u like this thing, and tomorrow you dont like it anymore? (sounded like me too)
isnt it irony? we said we want to be ourselves, yet we dont really know ourselves? and do what we think we like/want actually are us ourselves liking it, or 99% due to other things/people influences? for example, our parents, all the advert, peer pressure, school rule, image, culture, perception, opinion etc etc etc......... when there are so many influences that they might contribute 99% or more of that we THINK we are.... and again, that will include me...

simple example..... a person named lolito said that she love icecream(dont mention the flavour/type/with cone/without cone). now the question is, is that herself? or does she like it because of all the advertisement? or because her parents and siblings said that icecream is tasty that everybody love it especially in hot weather/ near the sea that lolito should also like it. hurm, sound familiar, but i dont like icecream despite off what people tell me.
ok, maybe she will said that i like icecream because it is tasty. hurm, same la...who tell her that it is tasty huh?

the point is, dont think tooooooooo far.. u will end up like me now. yes, i mean now...saya perlu tuka profile info saya....saya tulis(in past tense) " i just want to be myself, and i will" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ so IRONY huh

p/s sape paham quatation ni------" there's a fine line between genius and insanity. and i crossed that line."

nothing in particular, dot

you are a bitch!! deal with it... yes, i m saying u, bitch.

~~~ ok this is me talking inside...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i have a new friend

i have new friends..and i really like the fact that i have them... maafla vye...

tapi kan, kawan ko jugak vye...

ok ok, my friend is GREEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry vye, mesti ko bosan dgr ni byk kali

whatever it is, greek is superb... at first i tried to watch this because i want to get my mind out of greys's finale episode which make me sad every time they cross my mind...seriously, grey's, i hate u.. ok hate u for 2 seconds only. but after a while, i love greek not because i hate grey's for 2 seconds but because greek is hillarious, funny, handsome, beautiful, not real(greys is about real life, so i just cant take it lightly), etc etc...and i do not cry watching this. thanks.

so sume, sila la tgk greek....cause u guys should have new friends too...

p/s mus,jgn kawan ngn cicak jer...hehe

today's task

today's task-

1) have a shower
yeah, its been a while (a while je eh) since i have a shower..hehe that's what happen to me during holiday, in dublin( remind u, in dublin only, ehem). mandi ini termasuk memcuci rambut, and of cause my fav part, shampoo n pakai conditioner, and mensabun mane2 yg patut, n, ok takyah bagitau details kat dlm toilet kot...

2) clean up my room
i thought i m the type of person who clean up when i m all tensed up, but i think they are the one that make my brain all messed up..( ok not include all the moving out thingy, going back home, travel etc etc)

3) do laundry
i need to wash my duvet cover that is well known smelly. and this is also part of things that made me all tensed up. habis aku punyer 5 euro, ok 4 euro...pinjam ridu 1 euro..hehe

4) pinjam vacuum
vacuum ni gune utk sedut mulut2 orang yg celupar, supaya mulut dorang terus celupar..haha
kidding u... of cause la vacuum nak sedut kekotoran di lantai. hurm...i hate borrowing the vacuum, because i need to beg for it, knee down, make sad face and ask for a vasuum... well, kidding. actually it is because that LOVELY vacuuum is for god sake, HEAVY!

5) check if i got mail at the office
confirm dah takde mail. ok so, i will get my full refund for the seller in ebay. i bought a watch, but never arrive. so, she gonna give me back my money. best jugak, i need the money btw.

finished them all...
ok now, kene lipat baju pule...haizzzz

Friday, May 8, 2009

tido la dila....

tomorrow is my renal biology exam (eh jap, harini la exam tuh, coz skung dah kul 3.50 am in dublin)

ok, i m waiting for subuh time which is at 3.47am ,ok dah masuk la kan??? and i m not sleepy yet..
at 1 am i tried to sleep, well, kate esok exam kan, habis golek2 pon tak ley i decided to stay awake till subuh prayer time, and study sket2 =p
angin kuat giler, hentak2 tingkap...giler seram

but,what happen??? yeah, study sket2, n ebay-ing, blog-ing, facebook-ing much more...

ok, goodbye

saya perlu solat subuh and tido...dont want to be blank at exam desk tomorrow...

p/s harini birthday mus hehe

Friday, May 1, 2009

saya perlu study

well, i need to study..


but that's not a choice for me to choose..

so, study ok, dyla..... fullstops.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i want to get a kitten

do u think rm1000 is expensive for the price of a cute persian kitten?

and do u guys know what do i need to have if i want to travel my pet from malaysia to dublin?
i heard that i would need the cat's birth certificate (wtf? maybe i should write, mother's name- noradila, father's name- noradila juga about place of birth? date of birth? aahhh thats not easy...)

please, think for me ~

Friday, March 27, 2009

math equation= life equation

what is it after all?


i dont think so


yes, guess that is it

does taking advantage of other people, mengambil kesempatan to any situation
is also equal to selfish?

mengambil kesempatan = selfish

even taking advantage in good form, i mean, after u took that advantage, u get the yield
i repeat, YOU got the advantage, not other people...

so is it equal to selfish or not?
or is that not even an equation?or....
it is the reason of people take advantage(disamping rase taking advantage is nothing but a right thing to do, or maybe just a Right for the person?)
if kite buat math equation,
we can say that
selfish is a set
and 'mengambil kesempatan' will be the subset
mengkin ini lebih sesuai

everybody is selfish
in fact, we need to be selfish
yet, there is a limit, not a fine line, coz it is a broad non-linear line
so, dont overboard the limit of needing to be selfish...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

vye tag aku

Tag from dearest Vye
, ~~
1.Go to your photos folder in your computer.
2.Go to the 6th folder of photos.
3.Go to the 6th picture in that folder.4.Put the picture on your blog and describe about it.5.Invite six friends to join the challenge.6.Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

My 6th picture of my 6th folder is

ini saya dan sharul
a friend from my secondary school
bukan my affair



sabtu ini saya ade exam...
kenape sabtu????
jgn tanye saya


manchester is a wonderful place, i dont want to leave that place
ye la, balik2 dublin ade exam
turun2 flight jer angin tiup kuat giler
rase cm nak tercabut my dress ~ehem2
well, manchester panas kot, sunny...(surely malaysia lagi hot)

manchester is food heaven
for guys that love eating, i recommend that place
anywhere i go, malaysia still the best place for shopping
cheap stuff?? hell yeah, i feel like moving all my dusty stuff from dublin to manchester
maaf yer ili, rumah anda akan jadi mangsa...

i need to study now

annes, aku update blog ni sebb ko suro LOL

hee sayang kamu

Sunday, February 8, 2009

hijab fasion show

akhirnye semue berakhir...
well, the bottom line is, take part in everything that come...
they might be tiring, but they were all worth it...

night before the hijab fashion show, we have this halal food festival in conjunction with Islam awareness week... in this event, volunteers cook any halal food, which mostly were our own traditional food, and gave chances for irish, and other nationality to have a taste on how marvelous our food are....and well, how good our skill of cooking...ada sape2 mahu masuk meminang??? masuk islam dulu haha..
i did participate...night before the event, we (my usrah group) make some popiah basah, and managed to role them up untill the 400th pieces...what a damn annoying work there...walaupun saya hanya menggulung sedikit, kerana terlalu penat memakai high heels berlatih untuk hijab fashion show, which is the title of this blog(alasan jer kot).
whatever it was, that night we have so much fun!!! not only we chopped vege, cooked, and roled the popiah, we also have this DANCING session!!wuuhuuu...imagine, my usrah group were dancing, as if we were in night club...giler spotting a dorang.thanks to aliya, elle,umi,tika,ida,syikin.kak najwa,ayu and me(jap sape lagi ek,ramai sangat a)...konon jer..paling penting,semue orang kakak usrah said, she was happy to see how our friendship grows, because of popiah...keranamu popiah, kene buat lagu ni.
malam event, mule2 sangat menakutkan...kerana makanan sedikit, tetapi tetamu yang kebuluran makanan percuma+enak datang mencurah2. but i was happy, the amount of foreign nationality turned up was a mass...gembira kerana agama ku tidak dipandang rendah di negara tempat aku menuntut ilmu...but as the ucapan ended, more and more food arrived. relieved giler kot...
i served the food, basically the popiah. i was having so much fun describing the food, and how spicy it can be, and the content, and selit2 mempromoted malaysian food(well, saya kan duta kecil malaysia, ni la time nak suro dorang visit2 malaysia). same people keep coming for more popiah, they say the popiah was very2 tasty, haa makanan free kan, air tangan aku pulak tu huahahha..the complement they gave were nothing more than making us feel, how worth it our effort were.kitorang tak dapat gaji pon kot.

kerana mu popiah

ok la, back to our main point...the hijab fashion show...

firstly, i never thought i can be so confident, walking on heels, in the middle of peoples around the runaway, wearing some beautiful stuff, like a MOODEELL!!!!
pada mulenyer, ingatkan stage mcm kat kmb, besar sehingga bole menari2...namun, malam sebelum the real competition, iaitu, malam selepas halal food festival, kami di informed kan yang runway tu kecik cenonit, one line only, can fit one person per one time, the judges will be at the front, and audiences will be at our left and right, sit just next to the, memang mcm fashion show betol a..kitorang nervous giler beb, dah la kene tuka sume plan, now kene jalan sorang2 plak...
pada mulenyer, i thought my group tak best la, cause i dont know most of them, suddenly best giler kot. tu la, dont judge a book by its cover. ala senang kate, dont let your perception (the bad one) crosses the limit. kenal dulu la talking to myself ni..
the process of practising was not that stressful. sume orang ok jer ngn plan2 yang corperative, there u go TEAM!

so, the fashion show consisted of 2 main category.
-individual category, where u wear attire based on this occasion (sport, special occasion, woking, casual). minta perhatian!!! hijab ok...tutup aurat kamu, tolong sikit
-group category, with free theme,and we can also choose any song that will accompany us.

individual category;-

aku tidak menang seyh...
well, i wore my cheong sam, hasil pemberian ridhwan ku, with black slack and black basic t shirt inside. i have this flare at my back, hasil pinjaman dari elle, thank u elle, mainly to cover my ever bulging ass haha. ha, i m in the special occasion theme. and my black tudung, lupe nak gitau.
ramai lagi yang lebih cun, maka dia menang.

group category;-
kami la pemenangnyer!!! huahahahha

our theme, women in skirt. basically we were different lengths of skirt, just to show that although we are wearing hijab, we still can were those tempting skirts...
our song- thats not my name by the ting2..inspired by the victoria secret fashion show, thanks to annes sebb suro aku tgk model2 bra itu...lagu itu sangat menarik...
bacause of the catchy song, we were in the mood, instead of being nervous up there, we were enjoying ourselves. aku telah membuat gaya mengoda dihadapan judge, cant resist to move my butt, the song was the catalyst.(kepada yang tidak tahu, catalyst ialah pemangkin, mempercepatkan rate of reaction) the judges were like, WOOOOoooo
i was afraid that our group might be disqualified, ye la hijab fashion show kot, but when i see that they are laughing and cheering, alaaa takde hal team mates did a great job, well done girls. tak sangke gak yang pemalu pon mantap jer kat runaway tu...kami buat gimik macm2, kami juga menari gaya2 sopan diatas tempat itu.maybe thats y we won.cause i think that our outfits were not that beautiful or stylish...biasa2 saja.
i have video record of the show.tapi tiada ditanganku sekarang..and i m not sure i can put in on public.aiyo, hijab show kot.tapi nak letak gak gamba...