Monday, May 25, 2009

think about this for a while. a while only!

people always said that they want to be themselves (included me)
but hell, so do u even know yourselves? like which one is you??? yela when yesterday u like this thing, and tomorrow you dont like it anymore? (sounded like me too)
isnt it irony? we said we want to be ourselves, yet we dont really know ourselves? and do what we think we like/want actually are us ourselves liking it, or 99% due to other things/people influences? for example, our parents, all the advert, peer pressure, school rule, image, culture, perception, opinion etc etc etc......... when there are so many influences that they might contribute 99% or more of that we THINK we are.... and again, that will include me...

simple example..... a person named lolito said that she love icecream(dont mention the flavour/type/with cone/without cone). now the question is, is that herself? or does she like it because of all the advertisement? or because her parents and siblings said that icecream is tasty that everybody love it especially in hot weather/ near the sea that lolito should also like it. hurm, sound familiar, but i dont like icecream despite off what people tell me.
ok, maybe she will said that i like icecream because it is tasty. hurm, same la...who tell her that it is tasty huh?

the point is, dont think tooooooooo far.. u will end up like me now. yes, i mean now...saya perlu tuka profile info saya....saya tulis(in past tense) " i just want to be myself, and i will" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ so IRONY huh

p/s sape paham quatation ni------" there's a fine line between genius and insanity. and i crossed that line."

nothing in particular, dot

you are a bitch!! deal with it... yes, i m saying u, bitch.

~~~ ok this is me talking inside...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i have a new friend

i have new friends..and i really like the fact that i have them... maafla vye...

tapi kan, kawan ko jugak vye...

ok ok, my friend is GREEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry vye, mesti ko bosan dgr ni byk kali

whatever it is, greek is superb... at first i tried to watch this because i want to get my mind out of greys's finale episode which make me sad every time they cross my mind...seriously, grey's, i hate u.. ok hate u for 2 seconds only. but after a while, i love greek not because i hate grey's for 2 seconds but because greek is hillarious, funny, handsome, beautiful, not real(greys is about real life, so i just cant take it lightly), etc etc...and i do not cry watching this. thanks.

so sume, sila la tgk greek....cause u guys should have new friends too...

p/s mus,jgn kawan ngn cicak jer...hehe

today's task

today's task-

1) have a shower
yeah, its been a while (a while je eh) since i have a shower..hehe that's what happen to me during holiday, in dublin( remind u, in dublin only, ehem). mandi ini termasuk memcuci rambut, and of cause my fav part, shampoo n pakai conditioner, and mensabun mane2 yg patut, n, ok takyah bagitau details kat dlm toilet kot...

2) clean up my room
i thought i m the type of person who clean up when i m all tensed up, but i think they are the one that make my brain all messed up..( ok not include all the moving out thingy, going back home, travel etc etc)

3) do laundry
i need to wash my duvet cover that is well known smelly. and this is also part of things that made me all tensed up. habis aku punyer 5 euro, ok 4 euro...pinjam ridu 1 euro..hehe

4) pinjam vacuum
vacuum ni gune utk sedut mulut2 orang yg celupar, supaya mulut dorang terus celupar..haha
kidding u... of cause la vacuum nak sedut kekotoran di lantai. hurm...i hate borrowing the vacuum, because i need to beg for it, knee down, make sad face and ask for a vasuum... well, kidding. actually it is because that LOVELY vacuuum is for god sake, HEAVY!

5) check if i got mail at the office
confirm dah takde mail. ok so, i will get my full refund for the seller in ebay. i bought a watch, but never arrive. so, she gonna give me back my money. best jugak, i need the money btw.

finished them all...
ok now, kene lipat baju pule...haizzzz

Friday, May 8, 2009

tido la dila....

tomorrow is my renal biology exam (eh jap, harini la exam tuh, coz skung dah kul 3.50 am in dublin)

ok, i m waiting for subuh time which is at 3.47am ,ok dah masuk la kan??? and i m not sleepy yet..
at 1 am i tried to sleep, well, kate esok exam kan, habis golek2 pon tak ley i decided to stay awake till subuh prayer time, and study sket2 =p
angin kuat giler, hentak2 tingkap...giler seram

but,what happen??? yeah, study sket2, n ebay-ing, blog-ing, facebook-ing much more...

ok, goodbye

saya perlu solat subuh and tido...dont want to be blank at exam desk tomorrow...

p/s harini birthday mus hehe

Friday, May 1, 2009

saya perlu study

well, i need to study..


but that's not a choice for me to choose..

so, study ok, dyla..... fullstops.