Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ramdom no 2

kawan2, jom hang out...saya bosan...

sape mau???

bangkok part 2

at the airport
we nearly missed the plane. because i was on the phone, and my sis n mum just didnt realize the gate already opened (hey the plane delayed ok!). so we have to half ran towards the plane, arrived at our seat(luckily) barely catching our breath.ok, us tgh tunggu gate bukak...or maybe dah bukak dah pon time ni =) and i just realised that those guys at the back menyibuk buat peace kat dlm gamba kitorang.ceh...btw, itu my mum n my sissssss....

we took taxi from airport to our hotel. the hotel is located at the middle of bangkok main town(bangkok ni main city kan?) , on sukhumvit road (very reccommended). though the hotel is just 4 star, but it was quite an experience. the price werent so bad, quite cheap, about rm600 for 3 nights, for the 3 of us. hotel kire kepale la ni. after all, i got my own sweet bed, and the room was huge. breakfast wasnt dissappointing, byk gile makann, its just me takde selera sebb makan pukul 5.30am. haaa awal kan?
ini die hotel itu. nampak buruk kan?? that was my first impression. hahaha.. but dont judge a book by its cover~~~ (since the inside of the hotel images are still stuck in my sony camera, then i cant share the beautiful part of this hotel =p)

our first thailand's meal
restaurant ini name die saya sudah lupe...but what i can say is that the food, make our day. we are damn hungry that we skipped rest time and bulged into the restaurant near to our lovely hotel. sila la bg mata korang makan eh
sedap tau ikan ni.. btw, the sayo kat atas tu rangup. haaa i wonder how dorang ley jadi rangup.
tomyam kung....nyummmyyyy...after 3 days there, we concluded that the taste of tomyam kung maintained as the best. not once that we succeed to find anything less than mouth watering tomyam.
ok, kami tgh makan.jgn jeles.... aaaa i m hungry again..

later that day(1st day)
we went to chatuchak market. it is the largest market in bangkok, unfortunately only open on weekend. bargaining is the basic skill that you need to have. u know, make the cute faces, ask for lower price. i only realised i have that skill there, oh well...very recommended for those who want to buy ole2 for their friends/family. they sell food too, but i dont think it is appropriate to eat there since they love pork/babi/ba alif ba ya soooo much.
lebey kurang camni la rupe market tuh..besa giler......but we cant stay long there since i need to find toilet, and panadol, and some woman stuff. sigh~

we went to MBK mall, but i dont remember what we did there...
btw, we travelled from one place to other by sky train which is equivalence to our KTM, except that the technology is lower, but faster, how eh? taxi is quite easy too. they use meter, so, they arent lying about the price. do not use tut tut, pls. its just a waste of time and money.
oh yes, that night we we ate at Shabu2. its a buffet type, they have steamboot(cm kat johnny's tu) and sushi. cost only about rm30 per person.
the sky train...
ini kedai dentist. eh kedai ke eh... comel kan??
itu MBK dibelakang kami...
we were waiting for our queue for the buffet. macm bangla dok2 tepi kedai.haha. my mum was so tired melayan kami..coz me n my sis insisted to eat there.. =)

end of part 2~

Monday, June 29, 2009


i m hungry... n waiting for ridhwan's call..

i m hyper tonite, ade pill Barbiturate tak??


cmne nak ilangkan hyper ni eh??? huuuuu

Friday, June 26, 2009

bangkok part 1

finally i think i want to share about Bangkok, the food paradise...

but i wont because i still havent upload the pictures we took, well me n my sis camwhoring etc etc..
fyi, my laptop refuse to boot, so here i m using ridhwan's laptop...alone n alone at home..

i will update about Bangkok as soon as i manage to persuade my beloved lappy to be nice to me. or else, i will just get a new mac book. haa how about that lappy???

p/s i ll be stronger...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

something worth remembering..

kalo tense, kemas la bilik korang. tak kesah la bilik ape, bilik air ke, bilik store ker...ape2 la...bilik kucing korang pon ok...

today, i clean up my room. not realy clean it up, i just rearrange everything, and throw out all the things that i think 'menyemak' n only cause more depression to me. cukupla kot pencemaran bunyi...
ok this is how it looks like during the process

ini juga....but, this is already after i move the study table somewhere else...glad~
and ini, abusuk , he accompany me during the process by playing all the things on the floor...

the cleaning part is not so interesting. i just want the end result which is me able to close my door. (my study table position do not allow the door to be close, because apparently the size is too big to fit next to the door). so the main thing is to move the table away from it's original location. DONE.

the interesting part of this is that i found all the things that are truly meaningful in the drawer etc... this is what i want to share...

1. first thing, i found love letter which is given by ridhwan..hehe..but the details tak le bagitau la...i nearly forget that i have them

2. this...
and this..
so ape yg menarik sangat eh?
the kotak yg ade tulis 'dyla katak' tu was given by a good friend of mine...of which i m gonna meet her today(vye jgn jeles, kitorang nak lepak harini)
and in the box, i foung the orange colour book....
wanna see inside???
anis izati, ye , awak... ko la yg tulis tu..ingat tak?????
one of the things yg ko conteng is....
"factor2 MU"(malayan union)...which ko list kan lagi...haiz.takde keje eh?
selain itu "girl power ranger" hurmmmmm
"keje aku besa nanti...--> model ubat gigi"
hahahahahhah tak le blah tol...
and u did lukis orang lidi, which u said it was me...sambil melontar batu ke dalam tong sampah which was written next to it "dyla tgh lontar jamrah"

sape spm victim tu eh?? ok ni, hazera tulis...zera la beb..
chana... hurm chana melukis a summarize of what we have done together...termasuk la time i got caught by ustazah sebb sembahyang dlm bilik...and chana yg kene jawab..hahahahha..imagine, she was a badan wakil pelaja, that allows me to solat in bilik...cool...
this one was written by chacha. hurm the best part of hers is the one that she draw me dragging her... and she said that "mcm mane la tgn orang lidi tarik orang belon dari paya, u are my HERO!...one of the WONDERS in TRANX" hehe
hurm, ni faiz lukis...sila maklum, itu gamba itik...written " haa..ingat tak, dlu aku wat itik ngn plastisin pastu bagi kat ko. ada lagi tak? ke ko dah buang..kalo ko buang 'cukup kurang hajar!'... penat aku buat sampai tgn berminyak!!taik kuda betol."

ok, faiz ngh emo kat situ..hehe...hurm, mane itik plastisin tu eh...aiyo..

ok la,sebb kan i m to lazy to write more...cukup la...
hurm, i wonder why there's nothing from vye...weh vye, ko tak tulis dlm buku oren ni eh??? mane ko ha? pemalas tol

things i hate today

i hate the loud sounds that knock on my wall early in the morning... i hate them, they wake me up, or at least they present in my dreams. i dont like the fact that there are strangers outside my house. just outside my house that i feel trapped inside. i hope my living room has blinds, that wont allow me to see them, and them to see me( i dont know if they are looking...). i dont like it when i cant wear what i want, or not to wear what i dont want to be exact.

p/s my house is in renovating period. i dont have phone number. no car/motocycle/bike that can take me anywhere. i cant connect to the world outside except using internet. so if anything happens to me, no one will know. glad~ huh