Sunday, October 31, 2010

my super SUPER

In my whole life, i have 3 cats that call mine...
My very special Loowy, Blue and currently my lovely Kofi.

jom men matching name and kucing.

p/s thanks to my super friend who make me feel that im super awesome. =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

good tuesday

Went to my first squash game today. there were sooo many people mostly new faces flooding the court. hurm we lost a court (because some slow moving sports: "yoga-is-it-even-a-sport" steal our coust since they lose theirs due to ucd new sports centre construction) and got tons and tons of new members. well im not really excited with both of them. but am grateful though.

went to my first trampoline class! hurreeeyyyyyy. yes, finally! and it was awesome. awesome lagi sbb vye jelous :) more awesome if she's here jumping with me. (mengayat jap)

so people, what about your tuesday?

Sunday, October 3, 2010


dah nk msuk minggu 4 in dublin- and engine baru nak panas. malaysia mmg shyiok habes smpai otak pk cuti n tido all the time. at least, engine sedang dipanaskan...
not feeling too bad since i leave malaysia and i got away from the drama too. so a blessing in disguise lah.
after all dublin ade trampoline besa. sape tak suke lompat smbil buat gaye2 flexible atas trampoline besa? kalo korang tak suke korang mmg freak.
sibuk jadi mummy, baby nak susu lah, nak mkn lah, nak men lah... harini je, die da masuk dlm periuk, keluar2 kaki sume kaler kuning (dlm periuk ade kuah lemak semalam). mmg hangin je, tp still comel. my kitty's name is coffee. yesterday i told my housemate menggunakan skype sbb bilik kami dipisahkan dgn 3 bijik tangga :

me:weh, aku nak pass kat ko coffee ni
housemate: taknak lah
me: monolog"what the hell, die taknak coffee"
housemate; lahh ko ckp kucing ke. haha
me: (- -")

settled down with my new house, dah habes hias and kemas. now i can breath. (ciri2 orang OCD)
spanish cm bes lah. come se llamas? como se dice en espanol "dila comel"? programo television me gusta es Glee. etc etc. saje nak belagak ngn vye.
bru lepas mkn nasi lemak tanpa daun pisang. (sape kate kene ade daun pisang buat nasi lemak? gile freak si vye). sedappppp n ngntuk gile dah ni.

Friday, June 11, 2010

light headed.

my super long hair has gone. that terrible one hour of my hair cut was exhausting: with positive thought, hoping that it will turn out well. but who cares?
so anis izatty anak aj, this is the outcome.

the hairdresser definitely enjoy her time cutting through my tangling hair while experimenting her smbil menyelam minum air lah tuh. i don't even asked for layered hair (- -"). its not fun to see your 2 years hair turning into pieces, but i know this is for a better tomorrow. now i can run faster =)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

this is a positive entry

X spend it's day giving and giving and giving. sometimes, X gets something, in return.

X believes that giving is better than receiving, WAAAYYY better than accepting. and it knows that, something "better" always harder and more challenging.
so why A,B,C and D only Take? why dont they give back? why dont they show that they appreciate? and why do they dont even think to appreciate?

X has it's theory:

when D receives something, D thinks "i deserved this from X, i have my pride. so i dont have to return X's favor"

when C gets help, C said to himself " i wont say thanks, because its too shameful. im just a shy person"

when B accept something, B whispered to itself "im always lucky. luck always by my side." it thinks again, "who gave me this? i couldnt even recall it's name. is it Y, or X? whoever."

when A was so in need of help, A got a favor, just on time. A, does think of: nothing.

which ever A or B or C or D, you will definitely meet them in your life. they might be you. if you have the gut to think and admit, that it/they might be YOU.

so why X still stay as X?
because at the end, X grew into a better it. and X knew that. only X knew that.
how about A,B,C,D?
they will remain, as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of the alphabet's order.

p/s one little birdy told me that the other name of Z, is - human.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who says changes are good?

i have move out.yeah. tp ade 2 kotak smoothies tertinggal kat rumah lame, and dozens of cheese. yes, i will go back and take those thing. gile kedekut, but who cares.that are the best smoothies in the whole world. and there are TWO.

so here is my 90% "ready" room and house. agak berpuas hati sebb berjaya kemas zillion barang2 dlm mase 2 hari ; minus keluar jejalan beli baju tuk my sis, minum2, mkan2, lepak2, merempat tumpang mkan rumah orang which were awesome time. balik pengsan teros and got all body ache which was further contributed by my once in a month bloody week.

so this is my room. the bed is super single, its toooooo big for me. i only use 1/4 of the bed, percaye tak? kalo anes, mesti 1/10 je. sungguh membazir. even tingkap lagi kecik dari katil dan sangat rendah, kalo nak tgk lua kene duduk atas katil. we call our house the "dwarfie house". atau name len, rumah kerdil... rumah tu, not us.

the other half of the room
almari penuh gile coz its freaking small. so no more shopping selagi tak donate ape2 yg patut. fuh. and the weird thing is that, my wardrobe is so tall.
after all, i have fallen in love again, to my room: despite the distortion of sizes, well i m a roomy person. wtf.

this is our mini library. all, mine. NOT at all-

we got small kitchen, small compartments to put in our stuff, but trizillion rempah, pinggan, periuk of all sizes, mangkuk bla bla bla... this is too much for 3 people, we might be able to do some catering. kidding.

my housemates room. they got cute lil attic rooms. jelous*
what do u think this is? tangga lah. weird rite? 2 storeys

so who says changes are good? they are not. they are GREAT.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just woke up from the best bed in the world

do u know that antibiotics can make your skin as smooth as baby's skin?

i dont know.

JB's bestfriend told me that. she got eczema and fever (maksudnyer die ade infections most probably staph aureus). but i doubted it was eczema, tu maybe furuncle or kalo terok lagi, carbuncle. and she ate antibiotics, and wal lah.... skin change occur! lansung takle percaya kan? sape nak percaye JB's bestfriend, just like who will trust Beaver?

btw, kepada semua, jgn makan antibiotics kalo bkn infections. and also, kalo bkn bacterial infections. tau tak ade lagi byk jenis infections selain bacteria? contohnye virus infections dan lain2. this is important that u did not take unprescribed antibiotics and make sure finished once started. why? i dont want to explain, else u will get 2 lecture notes from me, so just think that the world will be a better place to live in. cause 1000000 people died directly in US due to resistance bacterial infections every year, and the primary cause are those in blue above. senang je nak contribute towards people's death, selain dari war kan?

moving house tomorrow, and realized that I GOT TOO MANY STUFF. those that i dont want but sayang nak buang, nak donate orang halang pulak. i got 2 bags full of bags not including another 2bags (paham tak? imagine la sendiri). i dont know how i got that much, bile beli eh? sape bagi eh?

i have my the-best-food-in-the-world list. some as below:
THE.... garlic pizza- 4 stars pizza
best cheese nan- Medina
best jalfrezy lamb- Medina
best coffee- Insomnia
best roasted chicken- Nandos
best fresh smoothies- Zumo's mango tango
best smoothies in box- Innocent pineapple+coconut
best BBQ Lamb ribs- Krunchy Fried Chicken, Manchester
best hot chocs- Butler's chocolate

i like my room, this one, the one that im gonna leave behind in few hours time. i used to like my room in UCD too. and yeah, the one back home. im a roomy person. who cares what that means.

mimpi kucing lagi semalam. SHIT.

so the best bed in the world- still mine.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

khas untuk anes si tulang kambing

so sape Justin Bieber yg sebenar?
(im just writing because of some skeleton goat was threatening me to update this thing)

vye is trying to recruit people for flash mob in KL, so nak promote lah ni... since i ll be the 2nd person in the group, so sape2 yg terel dance, tolong lah join, coz i suck. tolong cover my butt please.

so sape Justin Bieber? mesti die comel kan? and sape plak skeleton goat? anes, jawab sket..

m moving house again(for the 3rd time) this coming monday. hopefully for a better one. cehh rase berat hati plak.

mimpi kucing lagi semalam, m i freak? selalu pompuan mimpi baby, or kawen sbb kempunan nk sume tuh. but i keep on having dreams of having kitten. smalam mimpi Bengal kitten. haiz makin lame makin demanding lah mimpi nih, nak yg special breed aje.

oklah adios

JB, jgn lucah sangat though i know, mesti vye yg prompt kan that conversation

Saturday, January 30, 2010


My mum said, "dont loss your temper to those who is not worth it, or else u are nothing but equal to them"
but she also said " sometimes u have to be cruel to be nice"
my BF said, " dont let people put you down, no matter what"


my conscience said "they are just a bunch of people, who has nothing left in them, except to be mad at people. maybe that's their comfort"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


a big YEAY for my Loowyyyyy

we won runner up for best pet photos 2009, and im really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yeaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Although loowy's name has been changed, and he wont remember me anymore. still, that little punk will always be the best pet i ever had... seriously =)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

uno dos tres

just spending 2hours in virtual guitar class. not really a class, but something near to that... very2 recommended to those who is beginner, who wants to learn how to play any music instrument and who have very limited time and money like me. the fee is ok, affordable. ok, stop promoting the website dyla. i have been bugging people and telling them about this webbie for a while now, ye anes, ye vye, korang antara nyer la.. and good news is, i m improving.. clap pls. clap clap. want a view on what i learn? alamak, lupe la cmne nak captured screen.alaaa, remind me pls guys.

Spain was awesome.. nice view, good company, very pleasant accommodation, most importantly, no one got robbed or anything like that. i nearly being 'pick pocketed' (wujud ke word ni?). but my chinese look save me since a chinese guy came to rescue me. well, not that dramatic, but it takes a while for us to realise what was happenning since they were talking spanish, and we basically dont understand a thing, yes, i was like a dysphasia person, wondering around talking my own language totally disconnected to them. so anyone going to spain, learn a bit of spanish, it helps a lot. most of them dont know english, at the same level i dont know spanish. imagine how bad it was.
after all its a good experience, and a place worth another visit especially the city where MNG is founded. ye, saya MNG freak. mcm VYE.
i learned few spanish word, like yes=si , no=no, day=dias one=uno.. and used them in conversation with the casher in a Mcdonalds. i was so excited just to be able to use that few words. actually gune "si" and 'uno' tu je..

"learning new things from very basic: it will remind us that we are not so grand or very smart or anything better than anyone, we are just some plain person, trying to be better, trying to push ourselves to the limit." good luck everyone =)

Friday, January 1, 2010


its 2am in the morning, its new year, new numbers on calender. will it be different? i hope grey's would be more awesome this mid jan, they always do.GREEK, u too. ok tak saba gile

im in bristol

and all shops are close tomorrow? a HEll beginning of new year?

happy new year everybody. make sure this year is better than last year, kalo tak, mmg menghabiskan beras je..