Sunday, July 17, 2011

beijing, a place of wonder part 1

7 days in Beijing really open my eyes up, about everything people say about china. some strengthen the opinions spoken, some definitely cant be accepted.
our journey to the historical places such as The Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City are priceless. though we can only spend few hours there, there is nothing greater than seeing with our own eyes after being brought up watching them in tele. Forbidden city- the place of fun for the emperor, or in other words the place for emperor enslaving women for his own selfishness and lust. pretty women who are taken/chosen are placed in the same compound, i imagined, with all the cat fight for a little attention from the emperor. not forgetting all the guys who work there, wont be able to have their magic pistol in their pants, living life with testosterone secreted hence existed desire, but are unable to express it. If we look from the function it used to be years and years before, then, it will be just an ugly place being built from an evil base. however time shows that it cant be forever, and the place is nothing but a Wonder with stories to be told.
The Great Wall of China, one of the wonder of the world, again was build from the basic of slavery, murder, and inhumanity turn out to be one of the greatest story in the world. a man who unify China- Shih Huang Ti- with his dangerous ideas has created the wall that separate china and Mongolia- turn out to be a man who has psychological illness. if u stand on the wall, looking how it stand proudly on the mountains, you wont be able not to think, on how man thousand years before us are gathered and used their hands to create the Great wall. the wall also known as the longest graveyard as countless dead human were thrown in the middle of the wall and buried there, forever.

to be continued

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spain n morocco in few words

SPANISH people- they dont flush the toilet after they used it.

MOROCCO- imagine malaysia 30 years ago. or maybe 40 years ago

and they still are the best place to visit in compare to other

Sunday, October 31, 2010

my super SUPER

In my whole life, i have 3 cats that call mine...
My very special Loowy, Blue and currently my lovely Kofi.

jom men matching name and kucing.

p/s thanks to my super friend who make me feel that im super awesome. =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

good tuesday

Went to my first squash game today. there were sooo many people mostly new faces flooding the court. hurm we lost a court (because some slow moving sports: "yoga-is-it-even-a-sport" steal our coust since they lose theirs due to ucd new sports centre construction) and got tons and tons of new members. well im not really excited with both of them. but am grateful though.

went to my first trampoline class! hurreeeyyyyyy. yes, finally! and it was awesome. awesome lagi sbb vye jelous :) more awesome if she's here jumping with me. (mengayat jap)

so people, what about your tuesday?

Sunday, October 3, 2010


dah nk msuk minggu 4 in dublin- and engine baru nak panas. malaysia mmg shyiok habes smpai otak pk cuti n tido all the time. at least, engine sedang dipanaskan...
not feeling too bad since i leave malaysia and i got away from the drama too. so a blessing in disguise lah.
after all dublin ade trampoline besa. sape tak suke lompat smbil buat gaye2 flexible atas trampoline besa? kalo korang tak suke korang mmg freak.
sibuk jadi mummy, baby nak susu lah, nak mkn lah, nak men lah... harini je, die da masuk dlm periuk, keluar2 kaki sume kaler kuning (dlm periuk ade kuah lemak semalam). mmg hangin je, tp still comel. my kitty's name is coffee. yesterday i told my housemate menggunakan skype sbb bilik kami dipisahkan dgn 3 bijik tangga :

me:weh, aku nak pass kat ko coffee ni
housemate: taknak lah
me: monolog"what the hell, die taknak coffee"
housemate; lahh ko ckp kucing ke. haha
me: (- -")

settled down with my new house, dah habes hias and kemas. now i can breath. (ciri2 orang OCD)
spanish cm bes lah. come se llamas? como se dice en espanol "dila comel"? programo television me gusta es Glee. etc etc. saje nak belagak ngn vye.
bru lepas mkn nasi lemak tanpa daun pisang. (sape kate kene ade daun pisang buat nasi lemak? gile freak si vye). sedappppp n ngntuk gile dah ni.

Friday, June 11, 2010

light headed.

my super long hair has gone. that terrible one hour of my hair cut was exhausting: with positive thought, hoping that it will turn out well. but who cares?
so anis izatty anak aj, this is the outcome.

the hairdresser definitely enjoy her time cutting through my tangling hair while experimenting her smbil menyelam minum air lah tuh. i don't even asked for layered hair (- -"). its not fun to see your 2 years hair turning into pieces, but i know this is for a better tomorrow. now i can run faster =)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

this is a positive entry

X spend it's day giving and giving and giving. sometimes, X gets something, in return.

X believes that giving is better than receiving, WAAAYYY better than accepting. and it knows that, something "better" always harder and more challenging.
so why A,B,C and D only Take? why dont they give back? why dont they show that they appreciate? and why do they dont even think to appreciate?

X has it's theory:

when D receives something, D thinks "i deserved this from X, i have my pride. so i dont have to return X's favor"

when C gets help, C said to himself " i wont say thanks, because its too shameful. im just a shy person"

when B accept something, B whispered to itself "im always lucky. luck always by my side." it thinks again, "who gave me this? i couldnt even recall it's name. is it Y, or X? whoever."

when A was so in need of help, A got a favor, just on time. A, does think of: nothing.

which ever A or B or C or D, you will definitely meet them in your life. they might be you. if you have the gut to think and admit, that it/they might be YOU.

so why X still stay as X?
because at the end, X grew into a better it. and X knew that. only X knew that.
how about A,B,C,D?
they will remain, as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of the alphabet's order.

p/s one little birdy told me that the other name of Z, is - human.