Thursday, September 3, 2009


im adapting my life here...again... and i will be fine

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

so far so good

im in dubai now.

in good shape and accompanied by a small pillow i took from my flight just now. perlu ke aku tunjuk gamba bantal comel tuh? ye perlu...mumy mesti nak tgk..hehe. i might need to throw this pillow away if i cant find place to fit it in my alreadyfullhouse bags.

thank you to efa,vye n my sis lia, for making me cried at the airport. paling sedey bile surprise efa tak jadi..huahuahua...just a glimpse of the thing that they want to give me make me cry a river ceeeyyhhh...buat malu jer..efa, len kali kalo kite stakat nak 3g jer,tak yah kot ko gi tempat yg ade aku...dari bilik jaksa pon bole.. actually efa came to the airport without telling me. n we didnt meet up because i already left the waiting area. so, to prove that she is not lying when she said she is at the airport(sape nak percaye si penipu tuh?) , we decide to use 3g technology. tau tak 3g tu ape? kalo tak tau sile la keluar dari tempurung anda.
nak tau ke what happened next? teka la sendiri,malas nak cerite.

i slept all the way from kl to dubai, minus one movie i watched while half closing my eyes. i also decided to sleep with taylor swift songs moving in my head. rindu kat vye la kate kan..tak le blah.

i miss my family and my friends already. not forgetting my little naughty baby who likes flower and eats chocolate.