Wednesday, June 9, 2010

this is a positive entry

X spend it's day giving and giving and giving. sometimes, X gets something, in return.

X believes that giving is better than receiving, WAAAYYY better than accepting. and it knows that, something "better" always harder and more challenging.
so why A,B,C and D only Take? why dont they give back? why dont they show that they appreciate? and why do they dont even think to appreciate?

X has it's theory:

when D receives something, D thinks "i deserved this from X, i have my pride. so i dont have to return X's favor"

when C gets help, C said to himself " i wont say thanks, because its too shameful. im just a shy person"

when B accept something, B whispered to itself "im always lucky. luck always by my side." it thinks again, "who gave me this? i couldnt even recall it's name. is it Y, or X? whoever."

when A was so in need of help, A got a favor, just on time. A, does think of: nothing.

which ever A or B or C or D, you will definitely meet them in your life. they might be you. if you have the gut to think and admit, that it/they might be YOU.

so why X still stay as X?
because at the end, X grew into a better it. and X knew that. only X knew that.
how about A,B,C,D?
they will remain, as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of the alphabet's order.

p/s one little birdy told me that the other name of Z, is - human.

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