Wednesday, October 6, 2010

good tuesday

Went to my first squash game today. there were sooo many people mostly new faces flooding the court. hurm we lost a court (because some slow moving sports: "yoga-is-it-even-a-sport" steal our coust since they lose theirs due to ucd new sports centre construction) and got tons and tons of new members. well im not really excited with both of them. but am grateful though.

went to my first trampoline class! hurreeeyyyyyy. yes, finally! and it was awesome. awesome lagi sbb vye jelous :) more awesome if she's here jumping with me. (mengayat jap)

so people, what about your tuesday?


  1. alaa.takde gambar trampoline kau keee???

  2. baru first time takkan nk amek gamba kot... nt len kali bile aku da hebat hehe

  3. yoga is a real sport ok!
    well of course, squash is awesomer!